Understanding Chemical Exposure

Chemicals are not always bad for you. We are exposed to chemicals all the time, so technically this would be considered chemical exposure, but not all chemical exposure will make you sick or have any effect on your health.

But there are definitely chemicals in our environment which can cause serious harm, and they can be anywhere. You could be breathing it in, drinking it in your water, eating it in your food, or absorbing it through your skin without being aware of it. Examples of some harmful substances that you may be in contact right now are carbon monoxide (from car exhausts and defective furnaces), methyl mercury (contaminated fish), and lead (in old paint).

The extent of the health effect from exposure to harmful chemicals depends on a number of factors. Some chemicals are downright dangerous to everyone, while some are only harmful to those who are sensitive to it. The risk of getting sick from chemical exposure will depend on what kind of chemical it is, how long and frequent the exposure is and at what concentration, the means of absorption into the body, and your general health. People with compromised immune systems, for example, are at higher risk of getting sick than those who are in robust health. According to the website of Goings Law Firm, LLC in Columbia, exposure to toxic substances can have serious and debilitating consequences, including death.

In some cases, we are not aware that we are being exposed to harmful chemicals because the effects don’t manifest immediately. Those who are exposed to asbestos in the workplace, for example, will only develop symptoms as much as 40 years after, and then the disease typically progresses rapidly after that. If you suspect that your disease has been caused by chemical exposure due to the negligence of others, you should immediately consult with a personal injury lawyer in your area with experience in handling this type of case to discuss your eligibility to receive compensation from the responsibility party.

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