Silicon Pills Supplements Medicines Effectiveness

One of the leading issues doctors have with their patients and their prescription medications is that often, patients do not take their medication. This is commonly due to plain carelessness or the pain brought about by the side effects. Because prescription drugs work best when they are taken as prescribed by the physician, missing your medication can have a serious effect on your health. Missing medication costs the country billions of dollars in unnecessary hospital visits, and has accounts for 125,000 preventable deaths every year. Fortunately, the latest innovation can help keep people from missing taking their medications.

Enter the electronic meds. Developed by the Proteus Digital Health of Redwood City, California, these minute sensors will be ingested and safely go through your system. It comes with a sensor-loaded patch that is worn on the skin, allowing you to track your own activity level (and even body temperature), which you can share to your physician. This device can make the patients become more accountable regarding their medications and their own health in general. Although there have been many attempts in ensuring or reminding patients about their medications such as smart pill caps and even cellphone reminders, they have not been successful. Doctors believe that the Helius system will change this problem.

Initially approved in Europe in 2012, and then in the Us later that same year, several trials on patients suffering from various disorders has yielded positive results – about 95 percent of the trails were accurate in tracking the patients’ prescription drug schedule. After the end of the trial, a great majority of the patients report being comfortable with using the sensors and are interested in the possibility of using them again in the future. Although Proteus digital Health has plans to construct a manufacturing plant in the United Kingdom, there is no sure statement on when the Helius system will be made available commercially.

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