Why ACell ECM Minimizes Scarring

When a patient gets cuts, lacerations, or burns, part of the healing process is the formation of scar tissue. Scars are fibrous tissue that bridges the gap formed when the skin and underlying structures are damaged, but differ structurally from normal skin. Depending on the extent of the damage and the patient’s age, genetic makeup, and health, scars can range from the hardly noticeable to whoppers that would be hard to ignore.

Scars may also form after reconstructive surgery, which depending on the location can significantly hamper movement or affect one’s physical appearance adversely. These are undesirable consequences, and one way that it can be minimized is by using an extracellular matrix (ECM) product in dressing areas where healing will occur. According to the website of Bergman Folkers Plastic Surgery in Des Moines which uses ECM in their procedures, ECM accelerates healing and promotes growth of normal skin while inhibiting the formation of scars.

ECM is basically the outer walls of the cells in multicellular organisms made up of fibrous proteins and mucopolysaccharides, which serves to provide the cells with biochemical and structural support. There are two types of ECM: animal and plant. Animal ECM consists of the interstitial matrix and basement membrane, the latter which is lacking in plant ECM.

The efficacy of ECM in cellular regeneration has been widely studied, and one of the better types of ECM is porcine urinary bladder matrix (UBM) because it is acellular (cellular debris removed) yet maintains its collagen structure and is easily resorbed. Commercially, the only manufacturer for UBM is currently ACell Inc., which uses it as a base for its MatriStem line of wound remodeling products. The products are acellular (cellular debris removed), non-crosslinked.

Competent surgeons know the benefits of using ECM to patients, which is seamless healing following facial, breast, and hand reconstruction as well as burn injury repairs. If you are considering having reconstructive surgery done, be sure to ask your surgery about the benefits of ECM.

The Legal Litmus Test for Vaginal Mesh Defects

Going to trial is often a risky business, which is why most plaintiffs choose to accept settlements rather than take their chances before a jury. This was confirmed when the judge in West Virginia dismissed a product liability case against Johnson & Johnson (J&J) which alleged that the vaginal mesh defect caused serious injury to the plaintiff.
The West Virginia case was a win for J&J, and an encouraging sign for other transvaginal mesh manufacturers, who collectively are facing 43,000 more cases that are awaiting trial. But it may be too early to celebrate.

A more recent case heard in Texas came to verdict for the plaintiff, and the jury awarded the plaintiff $1.2 million in damages. The cases and allegations were similar, but the difference in outcome may have been due to how well the case was presented.

Transvaginal mesh products were first approved by the Food and Drug Administration as a solution to stress incontinence and pelvic organ prolapsed in women in 1998. It is based on the design of the surgical mesh, which has been successfully used for hernia repair with no serious adverse consequences. However, because the mesh is placed the vaginal area, manufacturers should have conducted tests and accordingly modified the design of the mesh to take into account the unique issues of the location, including sterility and movement. Because they failed to do this, thousands of women implanted with the mesh has suffered serious side effects, including erosion of the mesh, organ perforation from mesh displacement, pain during intercourse, and scarring.

It was only in 2012 when the FDA ordered an investigation into the matter after thousands of cases were filed alleging defects in the design of the various transvaginal mesh products, but it was too late for the millions of women who had already had the procedure done. But it is not too late to get compensation.

If you or a family member has suffered pain or injury from a transvaginal mesh, you may be qualified to get compensation for the failure of these manufacturers to warn you about the dangers. Consult with a product liability lawyer in your area with experience in handling this particular type of case to get more information.

Avoiding No-Zone Truck Accidents

Every time you climb into a car and hit the public road, you are responsible for the safety of those in your vehicle as well as people in other vehicles, pedestrians, bike and motorcycle riders, and anyone else you share the road with insofar as your conduct as a driver is concerned. This is a huge responsibility, and something that most motorists consider as a matter of course. In general, drivers do understand their duties and exercise appropriate caution when driving, if only to avoid getting a ticket.

But when you are dealing with trucks and buses, you need to be extra vigilant. There are some situations which are unique with these large vehicles which are not really an issue with regular cars. One of these is the presence of blind spots, also known as no-zones.

Actually, all vehicles have blind spots, but because regular vehicles are usually narrower, shorter, and lower than trucks and buses, the blind spots are more manageable. With trucks and buses, however, they literally cannot see a smaller vehicle that is directly behind, in front, or at certain angles on the both sides. You could say that trucks need a wide berth all around them, so to avoid truck accidents you need to steer clear of these no-zones. This means no tail-gating, switching lanes suddenly less than a car length in front or behind a truck, and passing on the right side of the truck. If you must overtake a truck, do so on the left and do it as quickly as possible.

Truck drivers also have the responsibility to minimize no-zone accidents by using caution when changing lanes, braking, and turning into an intersection. Some trucks are equipped with cameras at the back and front which will help visibility, but in general truck drivers just need to be on the lookout for clueless motorists.

Fault in a no-zone accident depends on how the drivers conducted themselves prior to the incident. If you are injured in a no-zone truck accident because the truck driver failed to use due caution, you may have an actionable case. Consult with a competent truck accident lawyer to discuss your legal options.

Underage Drinking

Many states restrict or outright prohibit the consumption, possession, and purchase or alcohol by any person under the legal drinking age (typically 21), although there may be exceptions specific to each state. In Iowa City, for example, it is still allowed under city ordinance Possession of Alcohol Under the Legal Age (PAULA) for minors to drink alcohol in the company of a parent or guardian but only in their own home, although a recently proposed law is aiming to void this exception. In Texas, a minor may consume alcohol in the company of an adult parent, guardian, or spouse.

When these underage drinking laws are violated, the minor may face criminal charges, and any adult other than those authorized under state law who is found to have supplied a minor with alcohol may also be prosecuted. In most states, establishments which sell or serve alcohol may be penalized for providing a minor with access to alcohol.

While the penalties for underage drinking law violations are not excessive, being convicted of even a simple misdemeanor still means that the defendant acquires a criminal record. As pointed out in an article on the website of Arenson Law Group, PC in Cedar Rapids, for anyone, but especially young people, a criminal record is like a rock tied around the neck. It can affect job opportunities and future endeavors. It will weigh you down and you will have to drag it around for the rest of your life.

Underage drinking is unfortunately rampant in the US, and is the cause of many preventable car accidents. This is why most states are imposing more restrictive laws to discourage it and to halt an alarming trend. On the other hand, these laws and the zeal with which law enforcement carries out their mandate can make it very easy for anyone to get arrested. When this happens, it is important for the defendant to engage the services of a good lawyer who has a thorough knowledge of state laws and experience in handling underage drinking cases to avoid a conviction. At the very least, a good criminal defense may lead to probation or deferred adjudication, especially for first-time offenders.

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