I’m a Good Driver: Do I Need Insurance?

Insurance is only for those who could get into car accidents, right?

That is quite a common assumption among those who assume that they do not need car insurance. After all, if you perform well on the road and abide by all the traffic rules, then you are protected, right? The unfortunate, dark truth is that you can be as careful as you would like to be while on the road and if someone else chooses not to be and crashes into you, that is still going to cost a lot in repairs and damages – costs that could have been covered by your car insurance if you had thought to have it.

After all, as expensive as investing money on your new car can be, it can even more than triple the cost to repair all the damage that a car accident can do without car insurance. After all, accidents can usually cause major inconveniences in the form of personal, debilitating injury that causes permanent or temporary disability. Aside from the medical costs that could come out of that injury, lost wages would also then need to be taken into account and not all insurance plans can cover absolutely everything.

Car insurance is protecting your future self from any accidents or unfortunate events that may happen to you. Sometimes, there is no one to fault in the first place and the accident could have been caused by some kind of inclement weather. The troubles that this unfortunate incident causes could have been immediately handled by the insurance policy that you avail of, if you had availed of a policy in the first place.

You can be the greatest driver in the history of the United States of America and still get into a car accident. After all, you share the road and some of the people you share the road with may not take the same safety measures that you do.

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