How Safe Are Your Funds?

It’s not common; however, there have been cases where an unfortunate client discovers far too late that their funds have not been used as directed. In a few cases, the funds have disappeared entirely leaving the client to face debt, potentially poor credit, and a long battle ahead.

I was reading into a case from 2005, in which it was reported that a woman had found that her accounting firm had not paid off her mortgage or equity loan when selling her house. During an important transitional time, she was ignored when she tried to reach out to the team she trusted to help her sell her home. With no other options, she was driven to take the situation to the police, who arrested her accountant for larceny and conspiracy to commit larceny.

According to the article, this could have been something as simple as “poor record keeping”; however, when we entrust our most personal matters in the hands of another who we believe to be qualified and professional, we feel secure in the thought that they will take good care of our funds and personal documents. Realistically, we are taking a big risk that could potentially have a disastrous outcome leaving us to face a financial nightmare on our own.

Professionals who defraud their clients are undoubtedly bad apples, and hopefully, you never find yourself in the position of being victimized by one. But, if you do, you likely feel like it’s all uphill from here, which without someone to fight back for you, it will be. If I were in these shoes, I know my trust would be shattered and it would take some time to rebuild my confidence in any professional that dealt with my money in the future.

You do not have to go through this unsettling experience alone. A good attorney can help you get the money back that was taken from you, as well as compensation for any of your pain and suffering caused by a financial crisis due to lack of funds. It is important that you use all of your resources available to find a law firm that will fight for your rights and demand justice for you and your loved ones.

The person in the article I spoke of earlier cannot get her money back, however, it has taught me a lesson. If this situation or a similar one were to occur to myself or a loved one, I would do my research for a fair and just legal representative. Even a quick search turns up great firms, such as Hach & Rose, LLP, who have over a century of combined experience and lots of great reviews.

It’s important to do your research to take care of potential downfalls like the ones I mentioned above. Taking the time to find a well-established law firm with an impeccable record is always worth the effort to truly trust who you are working with.

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