Children Injured during Birth Still have the Right to Grow to Their Full Potential

All the months of discomfort and, finally, the labor pains felt by an expecting mother are suddenly turned into the most wonderful of feelings as she gives birth to her baby through the help of caring doctors and other health care providers. Giving birth to a healthy baby, however, can only be ascertained if the doctor, under whose care the expecting mother is, takes good care of her, makes sure that the baby inside her womb is healthy, and delivers her baby in a way that will not cause the baby any injury.

Regular and accurate monitoring of a baby during pregnancy should be properly managed. This means that, from the first tests until the time of birth, a doctor is legally obliged to follow and provide the medical standards of care in order to protect the unborn and his/her mother, as failure to do so can lead to pregnancy complications and/or injuries during birth.

Birth injury, also known as birth trauma, has various causes. It could be delayed birth, oxygen deprivation, or difficult delivery, which happens if the mother’s birth canal is too small, the fetus is in an abnormal position in the uterus (during birth) or the baby is too big. Whichever it is, though, thousands of birth injury cases have been committed and reported in the past, with the majority of these pointing to the same reason – medical malpractice.

It takes only a single mistake from an obstetrician and his/her team to make a baby suffer a lifetime of medical problems; worst, however, are mistakes that cause a baby’s death. The sad reality is, despite their training, doctors and other medical personnel are often guilty of medical negligence, the identified major cause of injuries during birth and the reason behind most of the 28,000 yearly cases reported to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.

That injuries during birth are more common than you might believe is one fact that any medical professional will affirm. Any baby can suffer from a bruise or a broken bone during the birthing process; however, these injuries are mild and will heal on their own after a short while. A personal injury attorney may tell you that some injuries, though, are much more serious, causing permanent complications, such as total paralysis of facial nerves (Bells’ palsy) or bleeding underneath the skull (Cephalohematoma) – injuries that are results of the improper use of forceps or vacuum during delivery.

Most hospitals and doctors carry medical malpractice insurance, which is meant to protect them (and, more importantly, the people they hurt) in the event of a medical mistake. Now, a child, whose physical and/or mental possibilities have been gravely affected due to a medical mistake, still has all the right to grow to his/her full potential; however, the cost of surgery, therapies and other medical treatment that may be required are definitely high. Through this medical malpractice insurance, required treatments may just be made possible; thus it is very important for parents to identify if their baby’s injury is or is not due to a malpractice by an incompetent or inattentive medical professional.

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