Avoiding No-Zone Truck Accidents

Every time you climb into a car and hit the public road, you are responsible for the safety of those in your vehicle as well as people in other vehicles, pedestrians, bike and motorcycle riders, and anyone else you share the road with insofar as your conduct as a driver is concerned. This is a huge responsibility, and something that most motorists consider as a matter of course. In general, drivers do understand their duties and exercise appropriate caution when driving, if only to avoid getting a ticket.

But when you are dealing with trucks and buses, you need to be extra vigilant. There are some situations which are unique with these large vehicles which are not really an issue with regular cars. One of these is the presence of blind spots, also known as no-zones.

Actually, all vehicles have blind spots, but because regular vehicles are usually narrower, shorter, and lower than trucks and buses, the blind spots are more manageable. With trucks and buses, however, they literally cannot see a smaller vehicle that is directly behind, in front, or at certain angles on the both sides. You could say that trucks need a wide berth all around them, so to avoid truck accidents you need to steer clear of these no-zones. This means no tail-gating, switching lanes suddenly less than a car length in front or behind a truck, and passing on the right side of the truck. If you must overtake a truck, do so on the left and do it as quickly as possible.

Truck drivers also have the responsibility to minimize no-zone accidents by using caution when changing lanes, braking, and turning into an intersection. Some trucks are equipped with cameras at the back and front which will help visibility, but in general truck drivers just need to be on the lookout for clueless motorists.

Fault in a no-zone accident depends on how the drivers conducted themselves prior to the incident. If you are injured in a no-zone truck accident because the truck driver failed to use due caution, you may have an actionable case. Consult with a competent truck accident lawyer to discuss your legal options.

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